Giacomo Hug | creative content

Locarno Shorts Weeks // digital event



client _ Locarno Film Festival

concept / project management _ Giacomo Hug


Locarno Shorts Weeks is a video on demand event held on the Locarno Film Festival official website.

Young filmmakers need quality exposure to kickstart their career. A film festival’s website is mostly active for only 30 days a year. The Locarno Shorts Weeks is an initiative to address both matters: showcasing great short films worldwide and livening up the Locarno Film Festival’s website beyond August.

Between February and March 2019, we released 27 short films, one per day. Each film was available on the website for 7 days, for free and anywhere in the World. The program was a selection from the previous edition’s short films and included the winners of all of the main prizes. The event was promoted on the social media platforms of the Festival, with press releases and invitations to selected press, short film industry professionals and film schools.



The Locarno Shorts Weeks proved an effective tool to extend the Festival beyond its traditional 11-days summer event, reach a wider audience and expand its online community.

The 2019 edition results:

  • 92 countries reached
  • + 11.4% of audience for the short films program
  • + 12.7% website visits*
  • + 2’132 social media followers
  • + 64.4% social media impressions*
  • + 73.7% social media engagement*


* compared to the same period the previous year